US trade delegation seeks partnerships in Ghana

US trade delegation seeks partnerships in Ghana

A trade delegation of 30 businesses from Broward County in the State of Florida from the United States of America is currently in Ghana to explore business opportunities and to collaborate with Ghanaian businesses who are targeting the U.S as a major market.

Led by the Mayor of Broward County, Dale Holness, the delegation is seeking partnership in sectors including agriculture, mining, heavy duty machinery trade, software and telecommunication, real estate, construction among other sectors.

Explaining reasons behind the mission, Mayor Dale Holness noted that Ghana has become attractive for business and has consistently been serving as a hub for connecting the rest of West Africa, coupled with its open business practices and stable democratic governance.

“People would always want to do business with countries with the above-mentioned credentials and businesses from Broward County would want to be part of this country’s success story regarding trade and creating prosperity for people within the two geographical areas” Holness emphasized.

With Broward County, having a population of 1,950,000 of which almost 600,000 are of an African descent, Holness believes Ghana would be an ideal place and an entry point for investing in Africa.

He however said one critical area of particular interest is the quest to create partnerships in the manufacturing sector, particularly the textile subsector.

In that vein, the Major disclosed that the Broward County will extend invitations to Ghanaian businesses to exhibit products and to connect with American investors at the 2020 Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo (FITCE) in October.

Some Ghanaian businesses who attended the meeting expressed the zeal to find business partners in Florida and to deepen trade between the two countries.